time to make shitade…

i've reached a breaking point. disregard this entry. Grrr.. I'm over reacting and being a dumb fuck, but I'm really angry/sad right now. I just finished the fucking ACT. Yeah, I feel like swearing right now just to let you know. I'm pretty sure I did pretty fucking bad. What was the point in retaking […]

another book bites the dust..

Just finished The Sirens of Titan, another Vonnegt book. God he's a great author. Something I found touching: “You finally fell in love, I see,” said Salo. “Only an Earthling year ago,” said Constant. “It took us that long to realize that a purpose of human life, no matter who is controlling it, is to […]

Need to write this stuff down…

In the time it took to decide to write this down, I lost a part. In the time it takes to explain that, I've lost more. I've been thinking a lot lately about how we perceive everything. The time it takes to drive somewhere is considerably less than the time it takes to walk, duh, […]

anatomy of a thinger?

look here This comic was meant to be a humorous, texless comic about my first 'date' with Steph with the punchline being that the reader knows Alex and Steph have been going out, but not we're on a date and Alex is looking sad outside. I figured “haha funny” but not so apparently. People seem […]

Must… Be… HAPPY!

Steph, you are a sick sick person. I finished listening to Beck and decided to try out Aqua… These songs are all so creepy. Young Innocent Girl Voice: Teehee! Scary Husky Man Voice: Blatant Sexual Reference! Young Innocent Girl Voice: Sexual Reference! CHORUS! Scary Husky Man Voice: Aha! I am the dominant!! Yeah.. so.. yep. […]

heh.. the first of many (?)

This is a Cinquin. I learned the format at camp. One word, then two, then three, now four, and one again. yay. Angel Too Beautiful For This World Blinded, I can't see Hopeless Yeah, so I speak on the evils of sharing teen angst and how lame it is. I also yell at people for […]