This dream doesn't sound that neat when I describe it, but it was just a really relaxing, calming dream.

There was some sort of house along a lake/ocean shore and I was there with Steph. We ended up driving/walking a few miles to a farm that was farther out. I thought I heard a knocking coming from the house (a few miles away) so I decided the best idea would be to run back with Steph. The feeling of running all that way so fast without breathing hard or getting tired was well, breath taking. It was just so amazing and I felt so free to be able to run.

That's one of my secret ambitions, to be a track star.

I'm thinking of creating an alter-ego!

Heh, things are all good now. The sweet isn't as sweet without the sour… Yep. Happy times. Just thought I'd share my dream.

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