I think something goes here…

“I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you, I was busy writing my own name and drawing big stars all around it.” That’s my new favorite quote. This site rocks. Yeah, so there’s a lot of stuff I want to type but I can’t seem to get it out. Currently I’m just yawning a lot. Sleep and […]

if you'll be my bodyguard

I can call you bet-TAY! Ha… that was good. Yeah, so Steph is here. That's some stuff I forgot to add, so let's do that now. Tessa– I met Tessa at fruit camp. She was one of those neat people that find me so I don't have to put any effort into forming a friendship. […]

stuff and things and people

yeah, so I'm awake, and that's about it. More laziness. I rock at this whole productivity thing. ha. Yeah, so far I've spent most of my time at the PvP Forums. Oh, and in #pvponline on irc.magicstar.net. It's a great time waster. Currently there's a thing going on, with some people I know, and I […]

It's late

Yep, it's late. Thought I'd pop in here again to share my thoughts and feelings. I'm blue. Daba Deeba! I need to stop saying that. Well, in website news, I actually did stuff! I got some t-shirts finished so myrthco merchandise is finally open for business after several months. Then I updated some art stuffs […]

in the beginning…

Yo. I’ve had one other online journal, but I never really used it. Here’s to progress! Yeah, so this is the end of the second week of summer and I’ve done shit. First week was Boys State, my oh my what a wonderful experience that was. Well, it was cool to make a paper a […]