don’t try this at home! DO IT AT A FRIEND’S HOUSE!

Ungh. So my friends and I decided to rent and watch a bunch of David Lynch Films and watch them and be special. It was probably a bad idea. The movies we watched, in order, are:

Wild at Heart
Twin Peaks
Mullohulland Drive
Lost Highway
Blue Velvet

Hmmm, let’s go down the line. Wild at Heart is pretty entertaining in some points (Nicolas Cage as ‘Sailor’ and the insane mother smearing lipstick all over her face… well, that is just priceless. As well as Lynch’s concept of what happens when someone is shot in the head with a shotgun). Amazingly, all the characters stay the same and there is no fscked up time flow. B for a B movie.

Twin Peaks. I’ve never seen the tv series, but now I would like to. This was probably my favorite of all the movies we watched. You can never go wrong with midgets! “Who am I? I am… theee arm! And I sound like this… Waowaowwaowaowaowa!” The timeflow is pretty straightforward, and if you pay attention, you can figure out the movie for the most part. Some things are never explained, and that kind of bothered me, but the movie was still excellent. A

Mullohulland Drive. KAJDLKSJ! That’s the best I can explain it. This movie has some great Lynch Traits, like circular timeflow, and characters that randomly shift. This movie has good aspects, but it left me very pissed off. I want to know who sold their soul to satan to let Lynch make so god damned many movies. Arg. E for effort.

Lost Highway. Meh. This was like the third time I’ve seen that movie. It has a really good soundtract. I’ll give it that much. This movie also has circular timeflow and changing characters, but it seems to maek more sense than the previous movie. I like Lost Highway a lot more. It does have a cool atmosphere and setting, but somethings Lynch does just seem to be like “HAHAH! ONLY I, DAVID LYNCH, UNDERSTAND THIS MOVIE! NOW I SHALL KICK YOU IN THE BALLS FOR STUPIDNESS! AHAHAH!” Yeah. C+. You should still probably watch this one.

Blue Velvet. Does anyone know the time period for this movie? It seemed like a cross between the 50s and the 80s. It was scary. This movie was also straightforward. I didn’t really like it that much, but it has merits. All of Lynch’s film seem to have a different kind of sex. This one was S&M. Hoorah! Yeah, this was an interesting kinky mystery I guess. Not so bad. B-

Oh, and we noticed a few themes while watching these movies. In every movie there was:
Latenight Highway driving (to which we shouted out “LOST HIGHWAY!!!”)
Red Curtains (ooh how symbolic)
Boobs (usually belonging to a blonde, Lynch likes blondes)
Bullet to the head
Characters and timeflow that change

oh, and now for a sex rundown!
Wild at Heart: Rape
Twin Peaks: Prostitution
Mullohulland Drive: Lesbian
Lost Highway: Snuff
Blue Velvet: S & M

And there you have it! I’m going to go shoot myself.

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