Yep, it's late. Thought I'd pop in here again to share my thoughts and feelings.

I'm blue. Daba Deeba! I need to stop saying that. Well, in website news, I actually did stuff! I got some t-shirts finished so myrthco merchandise is finally open for business after several months. Then I updated some art stuffs and plan on doing more. I've been slow and a pile, but I am plugging along and doing some stuff. I love accomplishment. I need to think of more content ideas for the site. Too bad I didn't rescue any more journalism stories before school got out. Maybe I could retype them all. Ha.

Emotions.. Whee. I'm pretty good. Alex was being weird earlier, but he's better now. Alex is great, but we tend to get pissy at each other a bit too often… Oh well. I've lost all abilities as a decent writer. It's sad, really.

I've done stuff with friends every night I've been home. Not a single night to just be alone with my thoughts all day and night. That's kind of scary. Tonight I was with Kelsey and Maren and we watched Grosse Pointe Blank and Ghost World. Both good movies. I need to look into finding out some more stuff on Ghost World. The ending is just sad and leaves you feeling empty and wanting more. I'll leave it at that, lest I spoil something. Hmm, I think I'll come back later when I have something to say. Bie Bie!

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