I can call you bet-TAY!

Ha… that was good.

Yeah, so Steph is here. That's some stuff I forgot to add, so let's do that now.

Tessa– I met Tessa at fruit camp. She was one of those neat people that find me so I don't have to put any effort into forming a friendship. I'm lazy in that respect, but seem to just gain trillians of friends. It's great. Well, anyway, Tessa is THE definition of punk, wait, no, that's Steph. *snicker* Tessa is very neat and punk and cooler than me and stuff. She lives in Webster and went to school in Groton or something. I always get it messed up. She was my super-debate-buddy pal and helped me live through many a tournaments. She's also cool because she drives 1.5-2.5 hours to see me sometimes. And she came to see our school plays. (sucker!) Ha. I HEART TESSA.

I really HEART tessa's friends too, they're so spiffy looking. I wish I could wait to get to know them all, and I have gotten to know
Steph– Steph got to know tessa at some point or something. When Tessa first gave Steph a ride home she played a burned cd with Paul Simon- You can call me Al on it. I made that CD. Tessa also prodded Steph to come visit my website and worship my geniousity! Har har. Steph apparently fell in love with me from afar and was desperate to meet me. When I went to Boys State, nazi camp, Tessa brought her friends one night to knock on my window. Steph freaked out and attempted to break the window down freaking me and my roommate out. That night was not to be so instead I met Steph and Tessa's other friends on a later day. They were neat. I kicked Steph. Later, I convinced Tessa to come to my birthday party. She brought steph with. It was great. STEPH STEPH STEPH STEPH. Ha! Yeah, so that was one long glorious night and steph became obsessed.

Which brings us to why Steph decided to make a journey here to visit me for 3 days. She's special.

All my friends are special. This has been one ride. My hair is bluegreenish and pretty. And people are special. Late nights are really great. I've started putting crap in mini-sketchbook porno parties. That made no sense. I need to shut up.

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