I’ve had one other online journal, but I never really used it. Here’s to progress! Yeah, so this is the end of the second week of summer and I’ve done shit. First week was Boys State, my oh my what a wonderful experience that was. Well, it was cool to make a paper a day and experience some journalistic like experiences, but it’s something I couldn’t fathom doing twice. Too much regimentation for my taste. Not nearly as cool as fruit camp! Ahh fruit camp / governor’s camp / ambassadors of excellence, how I love thee… I’ve met so many people there. I.. didn’t really meet too much of anyone at Boys State. Two or three people tops probably. Oh well.

This second week of summer has been bad for me. It’s been a lot of fun, almost too much. I stay out late with friends every night then come home and sleep till noon. I’ve accomplished very little. This summer is supposed to be an artistic renaisaance for me! Not a time of great slacking off. Ungh. Oh well, I’ll get around to stuff I guess.

I dyed my hair blue last friday. That was fun. However, rinsing it in the sink every morning and getting blue EVERYWHERE is not as much fun. Oh well. I smell of blueberries. It was interesting at the first annual siouxland renaisaance festival yesterday. Hurrah for hecklers! And wenches! I think I’ll work on getting some of those pics up soon.

So far this summer I’ve been pretty good moodwise. only one day of something that was depression like. I felt bad for that. Otherwise, this summer has been great. Even made a new best friend! Ha. You go Antiapples / steph, you go! Tessa and Steph. I love ’em to death! Hmm. I need to go pretend to work on something now. Something more productive than this.

Peace out and stay frosty.

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