yeah, so I'm awake, and that's about it. More laziness. I rock at this whole productivity thing. ha. Yeah, so far I've spent most of my time at the PvP Forums. Oh, and in #pvponline on It's a great time waster. Currently there's a thing going on, with some people I know, and I have mixed feelings, and the bla and the stuff and the hurting! Fryn Laven!

So anyway, I said I was going to rip off Steph/Antiapples and do a friend/person list thingy. This post will be pretty important in understanding my pysche! (spooky music)

Hmm, there's probably some sort of order here, but don't focus on it too much.

Maren– Maren. Maren maren maren. We've formed a most interesting friendship over the past year/half year. Sophomore year we were in several thousand classes together, but I never really knew her. She was some girl sitting in the corner looking pissed all the time. That's most people's first impression of her. Due to circumstances in our Junior year, the Journalism class was divided into two factions and formed closer bonds. This is when I actually got to know Maren. She's a bitter girl, but in a good way. She has reasons for her bitterness and it isn't pointless. Anyway, we got to know each other and now we're pretty good friends. She met the love of her life, Seth, at my first Holiday Shindig. It's infamous! See here Maren in back, Seth in middle. You get the picture.

Kelsey– The fact that I've become friends with Kelsey amazes me to this day. She's a year older, and a thousand times cooler. I first talked with her via ICQ several years ago and made a total ass of myself. Later she was the head of makeup for BHS and painted my naked body. That was awkward. Anyway, via Levi we ended up becoming friends. Late nights at Country Kitchen ensued. Her personality and sense of style are so cool. Her favorite color is pink, though she's no cheerleader by any means. She's brought much to my vocab. Evol. Lovers. Pee in my butt. Weiner. Weiner in your butt. We HEART Kelsey!

Alex– Ooooooh Alex. How do we love you, let us count thee ways.. ungh. The friendship between Alex and I is a very rocky one. (Take for example the five month period where we didn't talk to each other, just at each other) That was scary. Alex is a really interesting person, but sometimes too interesting. There are times when Angst and arthouse manners can go too far, but we love him anyway. I fear childhood incidents may have affected certain parts. hehe

Emma– I met emma at Fruit Camp / Governor's Camp / Ambassadors of Excellence. This is odd, considering she was from Brookings and we didn't really get to know each other till a few months into the school year. Emma is emmaish. She likes the Beatles, but that's a piss poor way to describe her. She's two years younger and could look and act like she's 30 years older. She is the true regulator of the entire friend circle cycle thingy I have going on.

Donni– Donni is boisterous. And an 8 year old fairy princess. I met her at camp too and she introduced me to Emma. She's a year younger and very special. When I was being a pile-loner thing at camp, Donni was too so we formed a “hello” alliance. We would both say hello to each other in the halls so we could be super-best friends. Hard to do when Donni is somewhat.. vacant in the halls. Heh. Sadly, I seem to know Emma better than Donni now. Donni, we need you!

Sonya– I haven't talked to Sonya for two weeks, oops. Need to call her. I met sonya in freshmen chemistry. Mrs. Boever, the teacher, likes to form “chemistry” between students as well. So we became partners. Heh. Sonya also sat near me in Keyboarding and passed numerous notes. She was in debate too. She was everywhere. Sonya opened my eyes to the world of music, and for that I thank her. Even though we poke fun at Sonya a lot, we love her. She's very funny and knoweldgeable on stuff. Go sonya!

Seth & Levi– They were super best friends at some point or something, I'm not too aware of the situation to comment. I met these people sometime after 6th grade at the wonderful establishment of Brosts. I was led into a 3 year downward spiral of wasting money on Magic, Warhammer, and several other collectible games. A little bitter about that, but oh well. Seth has a brother named Levi too, but I don't really know him that well. The Levi I'm mentioning is different. Levi is a person who intimidates me somewhat. Another result of my inferiority complex. Levi's a great guy, but recently he seems to have been pulled away by a girlfriend named Angie. I don't think I understand the situation enough to be pissed. Kelsey is pretty angry over the whole thing. All in all, Levi is going to be a rockstar someday. yep. Seth is.. a sex dwarf or something. I don't know. He's very funny and hyperactive and stuff. It's kind of scary. Him and Maren have somewhat contrasting personalities, but that's what makes it cool.

Oh.. and there's other people I'll mention later, but perhaps I should discuss someone now.

Jon. Jon is bleargh. I credit Jon with the creation of me. Jon brought me to Brosts. Brosts brought me to several people. Jon was once an integral part of my life, but I think I'm finally realizing that won't work. Our friendship just doesn't work. I'm too bitter or something. And I guilt trip too much or something. Whenever I attempt to call him, he's never home or already got plans. It just doesn't work. Jon's personality is fine, but it just angers a lot of people and perhaps if I let it go all would be best. So here's to Jon, may he flourish in peace and not give a damn about me, evermore.

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