“I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you, I was busy writing my own name and drawing big stars all around it.”

That’s my new favorite quote. This site rocks.

Yeah, so there’s a lot of stuff I want to type but I can’t seem to get it out. Currently I’m just yawning a lot. Sleep and tiredness and stuff is stupid. Dreams are even more stupid. I don’t have interesting dreams anymore. Here’s a rundown of the past few weeks:

Last night: I dreamt I was at a debate tournament and for some reason I managed to get there without knowing what the topic was or even writing a case. I found Ms. Pies (interp coach) and tried to explain that I was sick and couldn’t debate. I also didn’t really have a case idea. She tried to make one for me and I was really freaking out. Then I realized I was dreaming. At first I thought I still had to debate and that sucked, but then I decided I could wake up and that would be the best thing.


A few nights ago: I was in Washington, DC with friends for some reason and we were trying to take pictures in front of the white house and capitol and stuff. These were actually just signs on the edge of a field a block away from here. Since it was a dream the whole standing in one place and posing for pictures thing wasn’t working. People kept moving and shifting when I tried to take a picture. Then later I saw Jon and had an awkward conversation. “Jon! Funny seeing you here, I thought you were dead. So you must be pretty busy this summer” and etc. Lotsa bitchiness and guilt tripping on my part. Then I thought “Geeze! Why do I always do this? I wish I hadn’t said those things.” That was when I realized I was dreamign and felt relief.

Hmm, I think that night I also had a dream that I dropped stuff into the vent behind my bed. When I tried to get it a bunch of slightly larger than normal red spiders were all over. At some point in the dream I went downstairs and into the garage and similar spider incidents occured.

Spiders. I still have stupid bug dreams. I’ve had some other smaller dreams that I don’t remember as well too. For some reason my dreams keep involving Jon. I don’t even try to think about him that much anymore. The friendship thing just doesn’t work. I wish he’d get out of my damned head.

“Headlines, breadlines, blow my mind. How do you xxxxx when life seems more like fiction each day!”

I spent last weekend in Omaha. Friday night till Monday afternoon. Brandi needed to have a bunch of her crap moved to a new apartment. Got trapped in a non working elevator for 5 or 10 minues. That was kind of scary. It moves, but the door will not open. I had a dream about that too. Brandi has so much stuff. It’s kind of scary. 4 van loads of stuff and countless trips from outside to her room 9 floors up. It’s packed with boxes. Unpacking should be fun for her.
While we were there we saw four movies. I saw Evil Dead II with Brandi at the Dundee, an old theatre that replays random classic/cult type movies every weekend. That was really cool. The audience yells out stuff and things. It was funny. After that Brandi and I went to Denny’s. It’s no Country Kitchen, but eh, it’s ok.

The next day I saw Minority Report and the Bourne Identity with my mom and sister. Minority Report looked cool. I dunno. I have low standards for movies and it’s hard for me to say that a movie that cost so much to make and looks professional and costs $8 to see is crap. I like most movies I see. On Sunday we saw Lilo and Stitch. Good movie. I like animated films and Disney can do good in theatres. And they had Kevin McDonald do a voice! That’s always a plus. We ended up having to stay till Monday because my mom’s friend wanted us to bring a piece of furniture back. One more day from home and friends. ugh. I lived.

Monday was weird. Got the dresser things, drove. Stopped in Sioux Falls for awhile. That was good I guess. I bought some crap. Damn dirty money. Posters for the basement! Loss of coherant sentence structure. Bleargh.

Tuesday has been bad. As I said, I’m feeling “weird.” First there was yawning, then there was the feeling of emptiness, then the need to do something, but not, and now anger. My mom came in to ask when I wanted to see some plays but I was just angry and yelled at her saying that I didn’t care. It doesn’t really make sense for me to be pissed at her, but I am.

God damn stupid emotions. And teen years. Curse you hormones, curse you.

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