My last entry went poof in a server failure. It was mostly rambling. Not unlike every single one of my journal entries.

Yeah, so in CPA news, after so long you get burnt out on updating at 3am or after every few nights. Which leads to today’s masterpiece. Damn you Maren and Quest for Fire, damn you.

Quest for Fire really is the source of all my problems currently. Ben brought me this udder piece of… crap. It’s 100 minutes of torture. A harrowing “realistic” view of warring neanderthal tribes back in… the past! And an eternal search for… fire. Gosh it was lame. Ben is back in my life it seems. He likes to burn things (and so much more apprently!) Yeah, we need to kill him for his sins.

In other news, I spent 2 hours today with Tucker (bob), Kevin, and Luke.
“Bob” is none other than the owner of one of my favoritre websites, Abnormal Comics. I really like him, but I fear our views differ greatly. I admire his huge talent. Kevin is cool too, but he’s the.. strong silent type, ha. And luke.. luke… I want to like you, but our views differ even greater. Perhaps if we came to an understanding where I’d just shut up it’d be good. Tucker and Luke together make for an interesting combo (*coughtoomuchstartrekandmontypythonkillmecough*) Ha, yep.

I made Steph E. from Brookings into construction paper after about 4 months. Need to scan her. Hmm, going to revamp everyone’s looks in the comic shortly. Comic! I should stop typing and go work on today’s comic for tomorrow. ha.

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