this is me at my most masochistic…

i think the period after coffee and conversation is my most creative, yet i don't do much with it these days. do random phrases, sentences, and even words pop into your head? i tend to write some of them down in random spots, but it's all really seperated. i should start collecting them. in the […]

are you broken?

or are you just a marble. i didn't have to ask, “hey, do you like donnie mouse and modest darko?” she simply said that she liked modest mouse, bright eyes, and dismemberment plan, though she didn't like modest mouse's new stuff as much and they're sellouts. it was a strange introduction for a strange girl, […]

i think of titles and soon forget them

living in a slightly larger city, one forgets how one knows everyone… tonight i went to a punk show. in brookings. first of all, i don't really do live music normally, and i'd always stayed away from brookings' “music scene” (or lack thereof). what was particularly odd was that it was at old sanctuary, which […]

cookies in the oven

so here I am, back in good ol' South Dakota… It really isn't that bad. I've already hung out with a bunch of friends I'd sort of forgotten about (oops). So, there are perks to being here. I'm currently not in Natural Disasters, which is always a bonus. I don't share a room with the […]

to me, you are perfect

Democritus sat amidst the ruins, pondering the futility of existence. in the future sarte exclaimed, “hell is other people.” in his no exit. somewhere, a stoic stirred in his grave. what will you do with this one life of apocalyptic splendour? what do you call a derrida christmas? why, absence of presents of course. you. […]

a day away, a day here, a smell of ass

today i went downtown for “the last time” i'll be done with class at roughly 1pm tomorrow and have no means with which to pack… maybe i'll go back. maybe i'll go tomorrow night, see what the nightlife is like. hanging out downtown in the early afternoon is usually pretty calm. i managed to study […]

to me you are perfect

note to self: work on courting an imaginary stranger (performance art) last night bud and i were going to study with ginny, but instead ended up at the beach on fire. thanks to natural disasters and smokey the bear, burn damage was minimal. bud is quite the boy scout so our illegal burn pit was […]