we're gonna run them into the ground…

jay did not call today. i wonder what happened. tomorrow, well in eight hours i guess, i'll be on the road to st. cloud. huzzah for minnesota.

i was going to walk or go for a bikeride tonight. i'm feeling lazy and my electrodes itch. i should just go to bed soon. or do situps. maybe both. it's crunchtime!

the fanta commercials really are the greatest thing to happen to advertising since quiznos. i mean… those suck… which opinion will endear me closer to my secret love that's so secret i don't know about it?

i need to make more cpa. i've been brainstorming finally. i also need to see tessa as she is an amazing human being. i have a new bulletin board with some great tessa action. including the greatest picture ever and the greatest tessa topher action ever. i… was going to have the memories visit finished on sunday afternoon. maybe next sunday afternoon? eek. there's less than a minute left now. i think i fear the completion of a project. i have so many half finished ideas. it's surprising the happy wall even exists.

uhh… yep. graduation party of cousin in st. cloud. seeing my mom's side of the family. well… part of it. my green blood scares me. cousin is going to UMD this fall i believe. that'll be exciting when i get back from england.

hmm… flannel elitism

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