today i went downtown for “the last time”

i'll be done with class at roughly 1pm tomorrow and have no means with which to pack… maybe i'll go back. maybe i'll go tomorrow night, see what the nightlife is like. hanging out downtown in the early afternoon is usually pretty calm. i managed to study for classical themes in artfuck, err POUSSIN! for two hours at amazing grace. i don't know if i retained much. i attempted to look at slides tonight, but there were people hogging the space with 2/3rds of them. i decided studying was fucking stupid and i was done with it. done done done. thank god that class is at 8am, i'd hate to have to sit around waiting for my doom.

i think collin just fell off his bed. haha. yeah, he's always here when i get back. i won't miss that. i won't miss the smell of ass. i won't miss throwing on a shirt since i'm wearing a bra and he walks in to say “oh.” i won't miss his damned questions. i will miss taking artistic nudes involving his shoe and i will miss uhh.. his smiling face? wait, nope. i will miss my elitist attitude towards him! i'm such a jerk.

soon i will be able to go to perkins and country kitchen! i think i'm going to end up dragging emma against her will on a regular basis. i want to hang out with steph erschens this summer. i don't want to drink. i hope that works out. this year has made my control issues worse. i hope for an excessive amount of road trips (gas here is over two dollars a gallon. shit). i'm going to see enlightenment this summer and i'll try to find myself or something cliche like that. it shall be magic.

perhaps i can become a stoic and give up my wordly posessions, including my bowl, because i can drink straight from the stream! oh diogenes, you rat bastard.

it should be interesting getting a job. it will be a very odd situation, full of newness and wonderment. frankly, i'm terrified. oh, my mom has also informed me i will be mowing the lawn this summer (shit!). i'd say that i'd try and make myself a better person this summer, but i think that's what next year is for.

ramen makes everything keen. i'm listening to a mix cd of mostly dispatch. this last song sounds like a kompressor ripoff… “WILL YOU GO TO PROM WITH ME?! (and dance and dance and dance)” Hellogoodbye- Jesse buy nothing…go to prom anyways. I am terribly amused. Heather is my hero. I'm glad she'll be in England next year.

Hmm… CFSR + Kompressor = this song… sorta. It sounds like Mike is screaming in the background. It's way better than the fucking basketball game behind me. Not that I'm bitter.

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