what were the skies like when you were young?

this summer before sunset comes out. that's the sequel to before sunrise that linklater, delpy, and hawke started planning during waking like. it takes place nine years after the first movie. i've not read anything about them being married or anything, so i wonder if they've just been meeting once a year or… what. i'm […]

everyone loves waffles

Next week I have a 5-10 page paper due. I've not yet started writing, or really doing any research for that matter. I also have a group project in the same class due sooner, that we have yet to start working on. Oh, and not to mention the big ass final photo project that will […]

Dear diary, what a day.

I swear I've never been so depressed, miserable, and lonely in my entire life. It's like I know there's got to be somebody out there somewhere… just one person in this huge, horrible, unhappy universe who can hold me in their arms and tell me everything is going to be okay. And how long do […]

I dedicate this to Tessa…

Boys State was the most amazing week of my life ever. I just want to remind people of that. I was talking to the all-powerful Matt Clark a few weeks ago and he sent that pic. I saw the most trite children's play ever last night. It was the world premiere of The Secret of […]

a request, a plea!

anyone who attended my 18th birthday and has pictures of boys kissing (especially me kissing boys) is well advised to send me copies. i've recently joined the boyskissing community on deadjournal AND livejournal because i am that cool. i want to be famous on the internet. failing that, bryan, what are you doing this weekend? […]

we are free

“If it takes shit to make bliss, then I feel pretty blissfully. If life's not beautiful without the pain, well I'd rather never ever even see beauty again. Well as life gets longer, awful feels softer. And it feels pretty soft to me.” -Modest Mouse “The View” I like the new CD. It's a different […]

murder, mystery, intrigue

i desire long philosophical conversations verging on personal issues over cups of coffee, cocoa, and/or doom. today i took a walk only to find mike neilsen's virginity in my pocket. does anyone want to get a job at a puppy smashing factory with me? it'd be a great release.


things that make me feel nostalgic: 1. caffeine shakes 2. talking to heath from last summer, who still exists 3. reading someone else's first year college experience, in reverse (why do i find such beauty in the life and words of others? i feel little and stupid when i read my own entries. probably because […]