so here I am, back in good ol' South Dakota…

It really isn't that bad. I've already hung out with a bunch of friends I'd sort of forgotten about (oops). So, there are perks to being here. I'm currently not in Natural Disasters, which is always a bonus. I don't share a room with the abominable snowman, also a plus. A 10-20 minute bikeride will get me anywhere in town. I think if I walked in one direction for an hour I'd end up on a gravel road on the outskirts of town, or at the very least in a mobile home park.

Heh, a block from my house one can find several apartment buildings, a high school, an elementary school, a soybean processing warehouse, and a mobile home court complete with laundromat (“ABSOLUTELY NO DYING ALLOWED”). I've succeeded in moving all my junk into the basement. I'll start tackling that later today probably. I've been to this wonderful place called Job Services… I submitted an application to the library at SDSU. I think they only hire SDSU students, but I'll try. Unemployment here is really low, thus the job market is kind of closed, especially as far as summer employment goes. My mom wants me to call places and check on applications, but this is a new, scary experience for me. I suppose it is about time to get a real job… oops. I do plan on finding work in England, because I think that would be fun.

Blah. I miss the coffee house. Brookings has never been able to support one. They always close after a few months/a year or so. If not that, they get taken over buy a church. Once there was a TCBY that became a Moxie Java that became a Mexican restaurant. Joe House, the coolest place ever, became a bar. I wish I'd been older than 12 when Joe House was around. The Warehouse was cool, but was bought out by Lutheran's and became the Warehouse. God bless Christian skateparks. This is why I will be attempting to remodel my basement into a coffee house.

You are all invited! I make a mean mocha smoothie. sigh. I've been so unmotivated. Maybe it takes a week or two of sleeping 10 hours a night to get into the summer groove? I should start writing people letters, because I enjoy doing that.

If all else fails, I could get a job at Larsons. I can totally see me working an assembly line, putting together doors. Hrmph. Perkins is hiring cooks! I need to start being creative or something. I'm going to suffocate here in my house, choking on ice cream. I didn't think I'd miss the Dining Center… it was so convenient!

I've had adventures in Brooksville before, and I shall have them again!

my face

i think of you all often and see you everywhere

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