or are you just a marble. i didn't have to ask, “hey, do you like donnie mouse and modest darko?” she simply said that she liked modest mouse, bright eyes, and dismemberment plan, though she didn't like modest mouse's new stuff as much and they're sellouts. it was a strange introduction for a strange girl, strange here at least. south dakota does have people, they're just different. in minnesota they'd be dating, but here they're just best friends. i continue the search for the south dakotan lesbian (they exist, but are elusive).

i'm listening to modest mouse she gave me. i've suddenly become friends with the people my friend emma met while i was away at college. jay, the republican for example. we watched hedwig today. it was the first R rated movie he's ever seen, and it was hedwig. he's 18. strict parents. home schooling. sounds like a recipe for disaster. this is entertaining, but it just might kill me. at least in duluth i could hide away when no one called. they're storming the gates now.

saturday night heather called and that made me quite happy. it's been two weeks since that night at the beach. it seems like so much longer. maren's not quite been gone a week. my spacetime flexpass is off kilter. i desperately need to write everyone letters, but i'm too out of it to even put their addresses into one spot. i still don't have a job, but at least the basement is cleaner. after this entry i plan to make some lj icons (that's important) and then vacuum. following the vacuuming, i will put my life on track. well, not really.

we are floating in space.

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