living in a slightly larger city, one forgets how one knows everyone…

tonight i went to a punk show. in brookings. first of all, i don't really do live music normally, and i'd always stayed away from brookings' “music scene” (or lack thereof). what was particularly odd was that it was at old sanctuary, which used to be the catholic church. the one i was baptised in and recieved first communion and such. no more! now is not time for god, time is for bad ramone covers! the second band, which was people i knew, i enjoyed a lot more. it was still silly. i will never ever ever see carter h. as a rockstar. a black t-shirt and hair in your eyes does not hide the fact that you look like a 10 year old columbian boy.

saw matt y. there. brother of someone i hate very much. matt skipped town a year or two ago because of the police. haha… silly people. i also saw a few people who could be described as “scene kids.” seeing them in brookings… odd. very very odd. also odd was standing there watching carter be a rock star as greg r. flipped out on drums (he's my hero. i should stalk him. or… something. i've got connections.). what scared me was looking over and seeing eric h., jalyn k., and todd k. these were people who graduated a few years before me. they actually look different. i'm proud of them.

oh… the people who i went to this shindig with make me somewhat excited for summer. emma, her friend beth, beth's friend kate, and jay the republican. beth's friend is a classmate of my sister–they were friends. she's also christian h's older sister. i have dreams about him. he moved away awhile ago, and it was quite odd. they both wear eponymously brand clothes. silly people. beth introduced herself as liking modest mouse and donnie darko. i didn't even ask! she hates the postal service though. what kind of an indie kid is she?! we had to leave the show early so beth could retreat to homeness. jay, the republican (i've yet to see proof) came with emma and i to my home. he really likes her. it's silly.

er.. sorry emma. we sat around and ate food. oh, earlier emma made my microwave explode. not really, since i pushed the buttons, but still.. no more microwave. i brought mine from dormland upstairs. it's all good. we started watching hedwig. well, they did, but i attempted to clean. the basement is such a mess. ungh. my life is a sham because the basement is not clean.

oh.. i just remembered i spent the afternoon with emma and heather + vanessa cheeseborough being here. we stared at pictures on my screensaver and watched nowhere. new people seeing that movie is always entertaining. i just wish everyone didn't hate it. it's likely i'll never see heather again. that's somewhat sad, even though i didn't know her that well. so many people i kind of know. brookings is psychotic.

as psychotic as beth calling me tonight and having a random conversation as emma and jay watched hedwig. i was like wtf, mate?! i… need to send people letters. i need to do many things. well, i should at least. it's been a day.

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