On Friday I spoke to jojo about my social anxiety issues and how it’s scary saying hello to people in the hallway.

On Saturday I did a performance piece for the dragshow in front of 300 people. I’m beginning to seriously doubt how shy I am. Public speaking, or well, dancing, has never really been an issue for me. Waltzing has. Oh, I wish people could have been there or that someone could have videotaped it. It was so much damn fun.

Just last fall I was in the audience with Mike, Maria, and Rainer. I was still too afraid to go to QSU meetings and Mike and Rainer were too afraid of drag queens, so they left. Now I was back stage seeing them in their natural environment and everything. I’m sure people back home will be glad to hear Levi H has a drag king clone in Duluth… It was weird. I kept thinking, “who’s that cute boy?” and it was a damned lesbian. Hehe. One of “his” songs was Jimmy Eats World- Middle. That’s a guilty pleasure of mine.

Here’s a rundown of the performance piece. I should be able to collect some pictures later on.

The music was Origin of Love from Hedwig. I performed with Jen, cute little bisexual girl who has a twin (also bisexual). Jen is dating Melissa, another cute little, if not angry, lesbian. They’re all vegans. haha… yeah. Jen and Angie (her twin) are in the posters for the Duluth Geek Prom perched on the shoulders of a Klingon. Anyway…

I came out in a suit and Jen was in a dress. We were representing gender stereotypes. We held a rope and she spun into me, then I spun into her. We then started winding the rope pulling ourselves closer to each other. Then we started tugging and pulling at each other as we walked down the stage. Failing to pull the other to our side, we walked back defeated and threw down the rope. It was time to get sexy and undress from our gender roles. We got angry and kicked at our clothes and then walked across to try on the others close. Deciding that, we got angry and threw those down as well. We ended up in all black, looking at each other and having a moment. We came together and waltzed, awkwardly, and with my hand on her shoulder and her leading. After waltzing for a while, we came together and were cocooned. After wiggling around we broke free of the cocoon into a beautiful butterfly. We then proceeded to spin. We spun for a very long time. At the end, bridget read stuff about gender identity.

I’m sad that I’m going to be gone next year now. Qmike keeps telling me not to go, but you see, he’s selfish and wants another friend and wants to control my life. Ain’t going to happen. This drag show had several queens from the cities, and they were freaking amazing. This one queen and a guy as a guy did a number to that damn Toxic song and it was really sexy I must admit. oh, they also did the damn “milkshake” song. Afterwords, Mike, who was emceeing with Luther/Tangerine Dream, said “you know, the other day I was driving with my good friend Topher and we listened to that song about five times. he was thinking ‘oh god, i’m in hell.'” He makes me smile.

As a side note, for decorations we had two hula girls. I put Luther’s face on them… Muahaha. Oh, and for the final number, tangerine dream did barbie girl. Aqua makes me insanely happy. Ah… what fun. After the show a boy came up to me and asked if I was going to the party. I had no idea who it was. Several hours later I realized it was Charley, a boy I’ve been talking to online for awhile. It’s probably good I didn’t go to the party. Drinking in Superior with gay people leads to interesting situations.

And… uhm… I was up till 4am talking to this boy. His name is Bryan. I kept trying to spank him with frozen fish and he refuted me at every turn. When I spoke of felching, he spoke of shrimping. He lives in minneapolis. I’m, uh, thinking of taking a greyhound there next weekend to go to a rave and camp on his roof. He says there’s a great view of downtown. I don’t know, it could be a lot of fun and an adventure, or it could be bad. Dr. Jones, calling Dr. Jones…

gonads and strife. oy vey

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