look at me, look at me!

Heh. You can see all the random internet boys I can now attempt to woo, for the low cost of $6.00. I especially like the Jesus boy. I think me and him will race to the finish line like King David… I'm a bastard.

I should remove some of the 25 year olds from my list. That's a bit too old. Oh, and ever since I changed my picture to no glasses, my rating has shot up. I shall live the shallow, blind life from now on! Oh, I've also crafted an application to be my boyfriend. Many of you should expect copies in the mail.


This morning a raver called to wish me a good day. Last night he was writing me poetry. It seems like much fun, though I'm tempted to run away to Michigan to be with indie boy.

Raver reminds me of this Ty. As a side note, other Ty is now in Virginia and Matthew Patrick Keane is hitting on me muchly.

…I'll stop the fucking world and cut you bitch!!!!!!

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