how sweet the coffee.

i like my sunday schedule of going downtown and wandering around/ending up at coffee house and just chilling out for a few hours. it's a good time to do homework, write, and basically just relax. too bad everything is so expensive and i always go alone. oh well, that's half the fun.

i wish i was still famous on the internet. i should work hard to carve out a wedge of cult famedom. i have the power! just not the motivation, sadly. i could create an avant garde webcomic. yes, that's the ticket.

at the coffee house a boy sat directly across from me. he was also writing in a journal. i could never tell if he was looking at me or just looking around. when i came back from the bathroom once, we smiled at each other. he was listening to headphones, but he'd occasionally take them off. i should have said hello.

i really desire the conversation of strangers, but it's one of my biggest fears. it's time to conquer those. mind over matter, and such. people have stories, and i wish to be able to collect them and use them for further inspiration.


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