The Double-Crosser's that wily character who works their way into everyone's lives, good graces, and beds. That's because on the surface, they're so appealing that many people can't even see the Double-Crosser's secret agenda.

While you might not share all those traits with The Double-Crosser, there's no denying you're a genial type who makes a good first impression and has no trouble making friends. People like to be around your good-natured, good-humored personality. Whether you've got your own agenda, or someone else's in your sights, is anyone's guess.

You and The Double-Crosser are probably playing for different sides of good and evil (we hope!). Should we ever find out otherwise, we suspect you'll already be long gone, sipping fruity drinks on a tropical beach while Interpol desperately searches for your trail. Unless of course you went for plastic surgery and have already inserted yourself into a new city. Who says the good guy always wins?

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