“Mom… the truth is I didn’t get this hicky from Maren, and the second part of that, well… let’s preface it with this. We’ve known each other for what, some 18 years now? In that time I’ve loved you and I’m sure you’ve more or less loved me. I assume that the love is more than just the required motherly love and that you also love me for who am I. Well, the truth is in the past four years I’ve become a different person who you don’t seem to know about or want to know about. Anything I tell you now shouldn’t change the way you feel because I’m still the same person, it’s just you know more about me. I’m sorry for the thing that happened two years and I’m even more sorry that I lied then and continue to lie. I’m sorry for what I did then, and I know it was a mistake. It’s something I’ve not repeated. I still feel the same way… I like boys more than girls mom. I’m gay, but that doesn’t make me a bad person and it doesn’t make me a stranger. I’m still your son and I still love you. Maren, Steph, Emma, Tessa and so on are just friends. Well, everyone you know are just friends, but I have wanted a relationship. A relationship with a guy, because that’s who I am. I got this hicky from my friend from near Pierre. And that’s the truth. I know you had a bad childhood which understandably led to a poor relationship with your parents. This is not the same thing and I don’t want to have a poor relationship with you. It’s because I love you that I’ve finally decided to tell you. I hope you can understand that I’m still the same person.

And it’s Brandi’s fault.”

That’s what I would say… yeah. No, it’s what I want to say. I still have no idea when I should tell her and I’m pretty sure it won’t be a situation that allows for long dramatic monologues on my part.


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