i've yet to learn my lesson…

I think I need to realize not to expect things. I keep telling myself that expecting things only breeds discontent, yet I continue. Expected much of the Bashganza, it was moreorless a flop. Wasn’t expecting much of New Years, it rocked. And so on. One hour and 40 minutes. Six years, however many months and […]

internet searchin'…

http://www.artfu.com/ http://lauren.demion.com/ http://www.upsaid.com/littleme/index.php http://www.notsopop.com/links.html http://www.black-ward.com/~dariachu/links.html http://www.angelfire.com/anime2/Amanu/mondayl2.html yeah… those pages link to me. i know who a few are, the others… scare me. here's a quote from the last one… “Neo-Construction Paper Angst Topher McCulloch is the cartoonist who creates Neo-Construction Paper Angst. Neo-Construction Paper Angst is a serial strip that follows the life of Topher […]


* Thank you, that is all. *This is probably one of my first pics of Tessa. I took it after they tortured us and locked us in the basement at camp. We all wanted sleep. Kat wanted me dead, Tessa probably was thinking the same. I only have this pic and one of pat from […]


Wow I've been making short pointless entries lately. I like it! The world is good now. I've got a clear head, the taste of cheese in my mouth, a wetspot on my pants (I have a drinking problem), and kaneda's theme from Akira playing on Winamp (CAAAAAAAAAAAAANAAAAAAADAAAAAAA!). Need to hang out with ClintKelsey and watch […]

i will keep you warm and safe

if you walk towards south along 14th ave, you will come upon a crossroads. if you turn left, you will run into 16th ave/Derdall. if you turn right, you will reach uncertainty. you will walk along Legeros Drive and onto Gilley. you will be lost amidst the noise and waste of brookings. this is a […]


While reading through Arches: Poems to be Read Aloud in the United States of America by Elliot Harmon (the past does bear good things), I came across a piece entitled “the fine art of catastrophe” the first line is a quote. “As the pattern gets more intricate and subtle, being swept along is no longer […]


there's this thing in one of my drawers… it's called a triary… I can say that at 2:07am on 11/20/2002, Steph was thinking about applying at Nick's Hamburger Shop or becoming a lunch lady at Hillcrest. At 5:25am on 12/02/02, Maren was sitting in the Gillete bus depot feeling angst, eating a bagel, and drinking […]