i am writing this entry in liew of sleep to inform you i am TIPSY! gasp.as.fdaskljfdskjfj wtf mate?!!!

one strongboe + one smirfnoifff ice =a fun busride home alone and random tittetring and tottering up the path to my room in mansion land.
why do people drink? because it's a way to have fun without trying. who needs that effort intellectual shit?>

hey honey, take a walk on the wildside!

lyn has the voice of kara and is very sweet. not only did she pay my fee to get in due to lack of paperwork, she also bought me my two fgabulous drinks.

do i need to tell her anything>? probably not as nothing like that has come up. there were lots of cute boys at rocksoc event. maybe someday i'll drink enough to embarass myself in front of them. never will i work up courage to merely talk. drunkeness does not make things easier, rather it makes yout hink you can do it. mind over matter. i am not shjy. the brits do not hate me. my accent is cute.

tonight greg told a girl they were wearing the same pants. she was freaked out and then he was like “shit! trousers!! i meant trousers!!”

muahah,. it feels so nice to fall in love.

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