last night I experienced a teenage rite of passage on my balcony; I took up smoking. I kinda just wanted to fit in with my peer group better. I'm planning on starting to roll my own soon while listening to Nick Cave and Interpol.
Balcony Greg & Ginny
My first fag
Smoking on the balcony

In other news, Mike and Bethany are currently in London, dying of the plague I'm sure. They missed out though, because this morning in Manor House I made french toast for Heather, Ginny, and Greg. It turned out surprisingly well and tasted like french toast. The grilled cheese has been a bit off, due to inherent differences in English cheese.

I think we used some sort of odd honey like thing for syrup. It was squeezable and fancy, but most importantly, cheap. I still have pasta I'm looking forward to preparing.

This afternoon I did laundry for the first time. I believe my cheap detergent from Bargains Galore or Bargain Daze or something worked quite nice. I also purchased some dryer sheets for an exorbiant amount. I think they're not very common here.

I'm supposed to help some girl with her computer. Everyone is getting virii and everything thinks I know things about computers. Eck.

My work study will be paying 5.70 an hour. That's pounds, not dollars. That's roughly twice what I made at the Register, and I'll still be working up to 13 hours a week. Sometimes I get lucky. Othertimes I get stupid.

If you ever do something you think you'd regret, do it in pajamas late at night, that way you can just tell yourself it was a dream. haha… wow what a waste.

There appears to be a banana with my name on it, and I'd hate to make it lonely. Perhaps I'll go shopping later and buy pop tarts for $10 or something.


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