it's no quincy, but it'll do

..last thursday I went to DV8 as I mentioned, and I'd also been having some lovely sleepovers with Mike and Bethany. Sunday someone added me to their MSN. It seemed it was Tom, the other Manor House gay I'd spotted. That evening I'd just gotten off the phone with Greg when my cell phone rang […]

the dullest crayon in the box

a week ago, I went to dover with 45 of my closest friends. i listened to crimson and clover over and over and looked like this: the day after I went to canterbury. en route, we told baudy tales as part of our pilgrammage. a fellow named chaucer seemed to be taking notes. there's a […]

a gay old time

I went clubbing for my first time last night. This is thanks to meeting Katja, a Finnish girl who likes girl residing in Manor House. Bethany introduced us and Katja is keen. Jet would totally dig her. We started the night by meeting up with campus LGBT people at Joe's, the main pub in the […]

"as long as their soda cans are red, white, and blue ones…"

ahhh yeah. laddy is playing gee-tar and singing dylan while being accompanied by alex (i’m assuming) on the… violin. it was a bad day (“bad”), so i’ve decided to be self destructive. here’s a list of my self destructive tendencies: -listening to dresden dolls “bad habit” on repeat -taking a nap -eating some pancakes -drinking […]

day after day…

last weekend I went to london by myself with no map. I looked like this: this is what they think america looked like in victorian times: this is victoria. she's a hot lady: words make my mouth exercise! parts of london were quite fowl (add it up): my back hurts. i've been here for a […]