(1) everything is part of it [hey!]
(2) it's never too late to have a happy childhood
-Tom Robbins Still Life with Woodpecker

+subculture night at the academy with ginny and heather
+walking two hours home to save cab fare (leaving at 1:26am and arriving at 3:25)
+cute boys
+cute boys dancing
+cute boys dancing with each other (live action livejournal!)
+randomly guessing to find £ key
+the british equivilent of QSU and equivilent members
+the mere existence of artsoc, indiesoc, gothsoc, and rocksoc

~trying to order tea in CAFE FACE and ending up with a latte instead (filthy americans)
~observing rather than participating
~playing mute to hide my accent

-cute boys dancing with each other and not me
-social awkwardness
-strongbow for £2.80 pounds
-failing once again, even after a new beginning
-not talking to mum in forever

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