anyone who attended my 18th birthday and has pictures of boys kissing (especially me kissing boys) is well advised to send me copies.

i've recently joined the boyskissing community on deadjournal AND livejournal because i am that cool. i want to be famous on the internet.

failing that, bryan, what are you doing this weekend? let's be exhibitionists!

i've suddenly become unsafely hyper and unstable. also troublesome is that i just brewed a pot of coffee. extra strong. MUAHAHHA

time to write apologetic post cards to maren. i'm really a jerk on the telephone sometimes. i should work on that. i'd write a letter to steph, but i'm gonna do that tomorrow.

maybe i'll play diablo II in a bit. i do that a lot lately. not as much as bud. he's addicted! heh… enough of this, i'm off to drink coffee and eat cookies.

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