the song i am currently listening to is not by they might be giants. maria knew no shame! i don't think those names are in the song, but aural gestalt, and all. that's a concept that may or may not be real. the name is probably sometime else entirely…


today i went downtown as i often do and on the return trip the bus became filled with italians and sarah who was a modern dancer. it was scary. i got off early because some guy kept turning around and smiling at me. if only i could find the magic inside myself… i need three fairies, a talking bird, and to lock my wife in jail for 15 or so years in order to learn that lesson.

thank god for world premiere musicals!

88 lines about 44 wankers…

haha.. my laptop has bright eyes on it. that makes me happy. i mean… it makes me sad. emo. woe is my dark and eternally sad life.

i wish i was as beautiful as some people. i think next weekend i will document my entire time with a camera in an attempt to fabricate a myth of silent beauty about myself. i'm stringing together disjointed adjectives to sound regretfully deep.

i only have two more weekends of trips to amazing grace. then all of the glorious vistas of duluth and the water below will be gone. the old brick buildings, the closely packed rows of houses, the several storied facades… yeah. i'm going to do something with my life in sd. i swear. honest. cross my heart hope to fry in the 1920s and be captured at my moment of death by a camera attached to someones leg and then be published on the cover of a major tabloid the next day.

i spent the day piecing together a movie of photos from the past two years of high school friends and lovers. i finished two minutes of a four minute song and that was probably three or four hours of work at least. the end product will be dazzling, but… i've got a shitload of homework to be doing. i guess my procrastination needs to go to desperate measures these days.

hey, here's the kid with the chemicals i've got the hunger ….life's no storybook…love's an excuse to get hurt…and to hurt…do you like to hurt…i do i do…then hurt me…

these lyrics are so freeeaking ridiculous.

and i love them.

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