this summer before sunset comes out. that's the sequel to before sunrise that linklater, delpy, and hawke started planning during waking like. it takes place nine years after the first movie. i've not read anything about them being married or anything, so i wonder if they've just been meeting once a year or… what. i'm excited to see the movie. i really like the first one.

it's my inspiration for riding the trains around aimlessly next year. public/mass transportation makes me happy. i take the bus to get my jollies. i'm going to have to look into the bus system in brookings, or i might go into withdraw. i'm forseeing many late night walks and bike rides throughout the whole of brookings, which can be painfully small when you think about it.

i tell people that the only transportation in brookings is a rusty car with “TAXY” painted in the window, but it's unfair to make fun of the tupamobile like that. *snicker*

my sister is in chicago now. maren was there a week or two ago. my sister ran into thomas taylor, someone she graduated with/had a crush on when she was younger. what's really small world about this story is… thomas taylor goes to UMD. i barely remember what he looks like, so it's no wonder i've not run into him. there's also the fact that he should be a grad student/super senior by now. hmm.

For my photo final I'm doing self-portrait of the artist as a thirteen year old girl, well, I was, but it's kind of changing. It might be more about gender identity, which is something I never struggled (well, I was never like “maybe I'm a girl..?!”) but faced from the outside. So far I've got scary shower pictures of me shaving my legs; still lifes of bras, xacto blades, notebooks, pills, and my little pony; me trying on a bra; still lifes of pictures of me when I was 13 amongst girl paraphenalia that belongs to me; and tomorrow I'm reenacting a sleepover. It's going to be fun. I'd post some pictures, but they're creepy and naked.

I hear the brick work screaming.

like how i switch between lowercase and capitalization? I hope you do.

suck up, suck up the statues, chow down, chow down the buildings.

Has anyone heard of Stuart Davis? He came here to perform and was very cool. I think Steph/Tessa would dig him. “and was very cool…” i'm dumb sometimes. hmm, I think I'm going to end this now and head downtown. peace out to everyone, and I'll be seeing you real soon.

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