When all else fails…

There's English! I picked up my essay on ym today, and it managed to cheer me up quite a bit. First of all, the professor that responds to my “Do magazines like ym inspire dying girls to desire fame?” with “drink milk and you too can have the glamour and notoriety of a terminally ill […]

"he had eyes like sugary glass candy"

Apparently putting your personal information all over the net allows random people to contact you. Who knew? I've started talking to some guy named Brian. He seems pretty cool. I think he's a sophomore here at UMD or something. Whatever. It was parent weekend so the Mum-unit came up and we chilled and such. Saw […]

I am my own hero.

Maren, you’ve now got the world’s greatest voicemail (I hope). I… I’ve decided I miss interp. Next person I see will probably kill me because I’m gonna start interping shit. Uh… dear CFsR members… as your #1 fan… I implore you to let me do some spoken word. It’s where my true mock-talent lies. My […]

A most glorious celebration!

WEDDING DAY! It was on this day one year ago that my good friend Steph and I partook of the ceremonial ceremony, involving the ceremonial burrito, knifing, and sledride, consumating our marriage. It would be later that we would actually consummate our marriage. *cough* I LOVES ME SOME STEPHFACE! And I'd call her if not […]


There's lots of outside in Minnesota! See, I go there sometimes! Though, I do miss home sometimes… Lotsa beautiful… art projects. And I miss.. uhh.. yellow signs And… my basement. Though I do have the pillow with me. (Er.. heh. I got my last roll of film from the summer back today. Me kissing Ben […]