Apparently putting your personal information all over the net allows random people to contact you. Who knew? I’ve started talking to some guy named Brian. He seems pretty cool. I think he’s a sophomore here at UMD or something. Whatever.

It was parent weekend so the Mum-unit came up and we chilled and such. Saw School of Rock (or the link between Waking Life and Chuck and Buck if you will… ack) and Kill Bill. Both very good, especially Kill Bill. I must see that at least once more in the theatres, especially for all the awesome dialogue. “You know if I could go back in a machine I would!” Hey, Rainer or Mike, I’ll meet you in the baseball diamond tomorrow night at 2:30am for a knife fight. Dress all in black!


Hmm. Went to haunted William Irvin ship thing on Friday, which was actually pretty cool. I’m pretty jumpy and just tensed up so I wouldn’t get scared, but the damn people still got me a few times. Also, with my mom screaming constantly, I let out a few shrieks as well. It’d be a fun place to take a date. Also, wandering through a maze with 3D glasses and psychadelic black light paintings is pretty awesome, even if there are fuckers hiding around every corner to scare you.

Screaming and crying children make things more entertaining.

On Saturday I bought new pants (hey, it was a highlight) and some stuff at Best Buy. Grave of the Fireflies anime (probably watch that tomorrow), White Stripes- White Blood Cells (impatience), and Guster’s new CD “Keep it Together.” Uhh… yeah. Guster lost their edge and became pop or something. A few songs are reminiscient of old stuff, but it’s way too happy to live up to old stuff like “Airport Song.” Very sad, but oh well, it’s good mellow music for when I want to be happier, but not bombarded by Dune or something.

I also looked for the first deflowered by joel CD, but they didn’t have it. I’ve decided that I’ll become a musical elitist, only bands that don’t have CDs available in stores will be good enough for me. artists here I come! Muahah.

After reviewing my CD collection today, I’ve decided I’m dumb.

I’m currently stuck in one of those blah states. It’s been on and off for the last few weeks, which really sucks. It causes me to read pvp forums obsessively and do nothing else. I really need to get my ass moving on some new webcomic thing, well, to be more specific, Bunny Noir. The whole schedule thing gave me a bit of a grounding and caused less procrastination in general. I spent all day attempting to complete one drawing for class tomorrow, and it didn’t even turn out that great. Augh.

I need a job. Or a vacuum cleaner so I can clean obsessively. I think I might also need to find On the Road and force myself to finish it. I kinda petered out on reading in general halfway through it, which sucks because it’s a good book. I might need to buy some trash gay romance and read that to jumpstart my interests again.

In other news… I need to become more active in general. Scheduling shit would be good. There’s weight training stuff and a track and such, I should use that stuff. I admit that I’ve lost weight, but I’m still not retreating on the fact that I have boobs. I like swimming, but don’t feel comfortable in one piece swimsuit, so I just need to do lots of pushups or something. I’ve stopped all forms of exercise since I’ve gotten to college, besides the whole ten flights of stairs several times a day thing.

I still like to pretend that I’ll someday be 5’11” or something. Here’s to hope! A discussion with my mother this morning did give me some hope, though. I most likely won’t go bald. If the whole “comes from mother’s side” thing is to believed, that is. Her brothers are not bald. My father is pretty bald these days, though. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

I need to e-mail my dad. Here’s what he sent me a week or two ago:
Hi Chris….Just checking on you…Since I never heard from you,,,I guess I must have done something wrong again,,,Oh well I guess I will never win with you,,any more….If you are bored,,maybe you can catch me up on your life….I always think of you and wonder how you are doing??/ How is school??? Tell me about your courses….Tell me about your city,,,Is there anything special you are doing for fun now??/…..I hope that you are enjoying life…I just want you to know that I love you and am still very proud of you….If you ever have a problem and can’t talk to your mother,,,,don’t be afraid to call me…..Maybe I can help……….Love dad,,,,

I’m thinking something like “hey dad, I’m gay, cya!” might be cool with a subject of “YOU LOSE!” Or maybe “hiya, got to run and have anal sex with a man, love, chris” or maybe even “hey, thanks for wanting mom to have an abortion 18 years ago, would’ve saved me lots of problems today!” or maybe even “fuck off and die, you were never around before, why should I care now?” Nah, that’s passive aggressive, I should be using honest appraisal and “I” statements. “I think I could care less” or something.

Wow… looking back at that paragraph, I didn’t realize I hated pops that much. Must be all the punk music. Or emo? Hmm… screamo! Damn you Softly Pain Tears!

I’ve been informed that the Sam Goody in Brookings closed. That makes me terribly sad for some reason. I think I have a problem, because I now check the Brookings Register website on a regular basis. The Police/Courts section is full of familiar faces.

I’ve been having odd dreams lately. First was gothic horror mansion castle doom, then religious cult vs. mad serial killer, and then my murder of Ben. Perhaps I’ll go to trial tonight for that.

My face is all hairy. Depending on when I wake up tomorrow, that might change. Maybe I’ll just shave my neck and see what magic it does elsewhere!

“fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa… never be the same again”

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