There's English!

I picked up my essay on ym today, and it managed to cheer me up quite a bit. First of all, the professor that responds to my “Do magazines like ym inspire dying girls to desire fame?” with “drink milk and you too can have the glamour and notoriety of a terminally ill person- Don't you wish you could make a wish?” is the collest professor ever. She also has a pink Greatful Dead bear tattooed on her back… hehe.

I want to frame the last page:
“A fantastic job; Topher- as usual, your wry wit shines brightly! You present your analysis in a cheeky yet thoughtful manner- not an easy task [for mere mortals, anyway]…
Keep doing exactly what you're doing (but talk more in class! We want to know what you think!)
Now then… when are you going to start writing for a wider audience [ie: local, regional, or bigger publications; short story/memoir journals etc.] Think about it!!”

Now, it's handwritten, so she didn't actually italicize stuff… but she did underline. Hehe. Sorry for gloating, but I figured I hafta offset the emo sometimes.

I suppose I'm going to have to forgive her for making me attend a sporting event. Yep, I'm welcoming Steph to town by going to a Men's Hockey Game on Saturday. By myself. That is going to be reeeeeeally interesting.

I received the House of Yes in the mail today. I've yet to receive Bloodsucking Freaks… So either Best Buy > Troma, or Troma is just too damn indie for its own good.

Oh, and for those of you following the drama that is TopherLife©, I went to Perkins with Ty on Tuesday and then saw Kill Bill again. He's a good kid. His boyfriend is very lucky (ergh). He smelled like laundry and not flowers, which is why he's cool. He also doesn't like nsync or anything, making him totally awesome. Oh, he's also heard the song Coin Operated Boy, but I think he said he didn't like it because it was depressing. I was amazed he'd heard it.

I have friends, just not as many as I'd like. Here's to breaking through my protective shell… OF DOOM!

p.s. Bud and I are starting a web design company called “oblique designs” because we can. nyah :p Speaking of Bud, I need me a spliff–wait, no. Art project, that was it.

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