thanks to the giving, yo

Friday night our family had our real Thanksgiving meal. It was at the Japanese place in Sioux Falls. My sister and I feasted upon sushi. Mmmmmmm. Sushi. It was a most wonderful Black Friday. My mother doesn't like people being diappointed, so my sister and I were allowed to shop for our own Christmas presents. […]

i am pointless

I'm perched precariously on a precipice of promise. My predicament may perhaps promptly phase to pain. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps. (“can i get a goddamned timpani roll for all these goddamned people?”) I kinda feel like I shouldn't make this entry, like it should be something I finally hold on to and keep for myself. Though, […]

heh. heh. heh…

Magnetic Fields- “Love is Like a bottle of Gin” It makes you blind, it does you in. It makes you think you're pretty tough. It makes you say things off the cuff. It's very small and made of glass and grossly over advertised. It turns a genious to an ass, and makes a fool think […]

I would just like to say…

this is really funny: If only they knew… Ha. My screensaver randomly cycles through every single picture on my computer. It's quite scary sometimes. For example, last night I looked up and saw… It was the entire size of my monitor. I thought I'd have nightmares. (i love ya alex!) Hmm. I saw AC Slater/Mario […]

The more you know

On a romanticism test in my Interpesonal Communication book, I scored a 78. The mean score for males and females together is 60.45 (unrealistic beliefs say wha?). I was surprised to read that men are generally more romantic than women (more likely to belief in love at first sight and stuff). Though, men are naturally […]