my insides feel funny

Dear everyone, please stop what you are doing and take me to the Mall of America (this means you and because you're always in the cities when I call you). A new H&M opened last week. FASHION! We'll be looking soooooo good. When you fall down a bottomless pit you die of starvation. Caffeine is […]


Elliot Harmon will be sleeping on my floor Tuesday night. Elliot’s been my writing role model ever since I had the chance to work with him, Laura Nesson (another idol), and others for a performance of Spacetime Flexpass at Ambassador’s of Excellence camp in 2002. I went on to mutilate the piece into a reader’s […]

my cycle of discontent continues

The past two mornings I have awoken to a desk covered in water. Knocking over glasses near laptops and leaving windows open during rainstorms are bad ideas. I also forgot Stuart Davis was coming to Duluth, which I had been excited for for two weeks. Oh well, the malt was good even if the long […]


All my bags are packed I’m ready to go I’m sittin' here on my floor I'm on livejournal just to say goodbye But my back is breakin’ It’s nearly ten My bike’s waitin’ Like it's always been Already I’m so anxious I could die So comment and reply to me Tell me what you think […]