Elliot Harmon will be sleeping on my floor Tuesday night. Elliot’s been my writing role model ever since I had the chance to work with him, Laura Nesson (another idol), and others for a performance of Spacetime Flexpass at Ambassador’s of Excellence camp in 2002. I went on to mutilate the piece into a reader’s theatre that was nice but could have fared better.

He’s performing at a slam event in Duluth somewhere (I think hippies and a basement are involved)… Wednesday… at some time. Details to follow. Any one who is able should come because Elliot is amazing. More info can be found at Elliot Harmon, poet and guy.

Today has been an off day. I have spent most of it working on a project or 2D Digital Studio. I am not sure if I am pleased with the results. I am mostly ripping off Charles Cohen, even though it wasn’t on purpose at first (despite the fact that he did the promotional image for the Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of Twelfth Night I saw in Stratford).

From Charles Cohen's 'Why I prefer digital clocks and can no longer pretend to like analog time.'

My composition of doom:

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