I'd make a graph, but I lack the drive. Reading this article about Selly Oak in the summer made me quite sad. Poor Cafe Face and its lack of customers! If they had interviewed someone from the Selly Sausage I would have broken down. Oh Brum, why must you be so far away from me? Most of the students didn't like Brum, but she was my lover! Bullring, you'll never leave my mind. Northfield, you'll never leave my heart! Tesco, you will never leave my soul.

Bill Bryson's Notes from a Big Country (courtesy the beautiful ) discusses how you're unlikely to hit a moose walking home from Sainsbury's, whereas it happens all the time in America. Le sigh. Sitting in my apartment and trying to focus on homework is hard.

Psst, look at my sassy new boyfriend ():

Isn't he adorable? I think so. His name is Nathan St. Germain and he is the fanciest boy I have ever known.

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