Dear everyone, please stop what you are doing and take me to the Mall of America (this means you and because you're always in the cities when I call you). A new H&M opened last week. FASHION! We'll be looking soooooo good.

When you fall down a bottomless pit you die of starvation.

Caffeine is bad for me and my paranoia.

addendum: Food is good for my paranoia. Bud is talking to a girl living in England this year. She's in F5 (laddie's room), and I was in F3. I keep looking over and he's looking at pictures of her at Warwick Castle and in the Lake District.

Last night I dreamt I was running along the cliffs of Dingle (they were even narrower this time) trying to find my hostel. At some point everything became really foggy, and I started climbing uphill on stairs, which lead me to the Piazza Michaelangelo in Florence. Once I exited the clouds I saw the most beautiful combination of Tuscany/Ireland/the Lake District ever. The sun was setting and the view was infinite… apart from the fog in the valleys. I should learn to paint, so I can capture the image.

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