The past two mornings I have awoken to a desk covered in water. Knocking over glasses near laptops and leaving windows open during rainstorms are bad ideas. I also forgot Stuart Davis was coming to Duluth, which I had been excited for for two weeks. Oh well, the malt was good even if the long pauses were an unwitting celebration of two awkward years.

I'm not even half done with classes for the day (photo 2 let out early; score!), and all I can think of is dollar signs and work. The atmosphere reminds me so much of freshman year, but I am about 10% less awkward and recognize way more faces in the hallway. I have seen a lot of people (and thought many horrible things; ask me about it–I'm hilarious!). Part of Stadium Apartments smells like the USD dorms where I spent six summers of my young life.

The water needs to reach my head because then I can wake from dreams I've been having for the past seven years.

I like my living situation a lot so far; I am nervous about classes but “excited” to work on them; and I think I am at a good place as long as I don't screw up, which is always likely. The fourth roommate is here finally. We shook hands and exchanged two lines of smalltalk before I ran to hide in my room. I can do anything.

Returning from Logic, I see that everything is still connected. We started out class by talking about Parmenides, and I spent the time trying to figure out all I could remember from History of Science as our discussion progressed to Zeno of Elea (we never learned about him in History of Science, but we knew Parmenides went to the Eleatic School), Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. Sadly Pythagoras was left unmentioned. Then the professor put that old standby “All men are mortal. / Socrates is a man. / Therefore, Socrates is mortal” on the board. Crazy.

There are eight kids in the class (w00t, honors!). They include a graphic design major, a girl from Rapid CIty (“Oh my God! you're from South Dakota?!”), a History Major/planning-to-be-Foreign Studies Minor who I need to ask if he likes Crucial Unit, a mohawk boy, and some others. I am currently more excited about Logic than even Photography. Perhaps I am in the wrong field (or maybe I just like hearing what I sort of already know).

This morning in Typography I learned what “gradation” means as a design principle. I mention these things because I didn't expect to learn today. Huzzah.

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