(I kinda wish livejournal used this Halloween color theme everyday. Dark blue gradients are a turn on). The Saatchi Gallery in London is closed, and they're moving to a new location. Naturally I'd heard nothing about this being in America (Art in America, the magazine that is, annoys me slightly). The city hall location was […]

not many people know I'm a fruit

I went costume bowling on Wednesday as a killer tomato. Last night I went to a Halloween party and said nothing. Well, okay, I was a bad mime and talked some. Nate was a giant dancing banana. A giant sexy dancing banana. Or was it the world's saddest banana? I forget. Before that party I […]


Note to self: before buying space age iPod, double check that not-so-space age laptop will work with it. First Tiger spited me, and now USB 2.0 is laughing at me. Tiger was a much cheaper problem to fix. Augh. Well, the awesome news is I have an iPod video. The lame news is it takes […]