wastin' my time away

Choose 20 names (don't look at the questions until names are chosen) 1-Spence 2-Emma 3-Heath 4-Steph 5-Maren 6-Seth 7-Alex 8-Brandi 9-Linda 10-Lyn 11-Mike 12-Rainer 13-Maria 14-Jet 15-Natalie 16-Clint 17-Jill 18-Jess 19-Cindy 20-Mandy Is #9 a boy or a girl? Girl Would #1 and #2 make a cute couple? I think so How about #18 and […]

beep beep here comes the shitmobile

I took some interesting pictures between 4 and 5 am on the day we left. I was going crazy on tea around 4 am and captured photo documentation of my two “art projects,” but those files are elsewhere for now. Blurry + dusk = poetry. right? This one is about loss. Of shoes. A dark […]


Hi kids. The stuff for Foreign Studies 4949 is far more painful than the re-entry process itself. This class angers me. Too bad it is online, otherwise I could strangle the professor. I respond poorly to BS assignments. With BS and witty (assholish) comments. I called a question asinine. EVERYTHING IS ASININE! I am only […]


The distance between Brookings and Omaha is greater than that between London and Birmingham. Getting to Minneapolis from Duluth via Greyhound is eleven times more expensive than taking coach from Birmingham to London. Though, UMD seems to have started its own chartered bus service to the cities… which is only four times more expensive. It […]

where am I?

I continue to be in a daze. I was extraordinarily hyper at the airport–perhaps screaming was not the best way to say, “Hello Rainer. How have you been? I have missed your presence”–but psychotic overreaction is my forte. At some point I calmed down and decided to get out of the airport before saying goodbye […]

wearing next to nothing

(whole shack shimmy) Packing has begun, and my second pair of old navy cords are dead. Did you ever make that pillow Steph? I tore the hole in this pair all the way to the seam a bit ago… and kept going. The trousers are absolutely destroyed now. I am going to give strips away […]

three nights remaining

I always suck at endings. I don’t cry; I just freak out. Maren might recall this from such events as January. I’m sure there are countless other examples. Our last group trip was this weekend. I can now associate with almost anyone on this trip, yet I have been isolating myself, mostly because Mike and […]

six days remain

For a few seconds in the shower this morning, everything made sense. All I’m left with now is the taste of pennies in my mouth. Having everything connect is a sure sign that things will be headed south to fucked up land soon enough. It took too long for me to realize I already knew […]