(whole shack shimmy)

Packing has begun, and my second pair of old navy cords are dead. Did you ever make that pillow Steph? I tore the hole in this pair all the way to the seam a bit ago… and kept going.
fashion is passion

The trousers are absolutely destroyed now. I am going to give strips away as going away presents. I am crazy, but craziness is easier than packing.

Steph, where are you? You helped me pack last time!

Emma, you've been on my mind lots lately, which is exciting because I shall see you real soon.

Two nights left. ack. Everyone is on the lawn drunk today. They sang Wonderwall. I wished I had a shotgun.

I have been drinking tea instead of liquor. An improvement to say the least, but my bladder does not like me.

Tomorrow I am going shopping to spend the rest of my pretend money on items that will fit in my imaginary suitcase. It'll be deep.

Agh… everything is a mess. I wonder if I'll make it through this night sober. Some prize is being awarded tonight (several people said I'm going to get it, but I deny it. It's a coping mechanism. To be honest, I will be kinda sad if I don't.. erk. Modesty!). I am wearing a Savers suit and Mike's boots. I had considered wearing Bethany's dress… maybe later tonight.

Dinner in six minutes! I should empty my bladder and leave this keyboard.


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