Dawn bus

I took some interesting pictures between 4 and 5 am on the day we left. I was going crazy on tea around 4 am and captured photo documentation of my two “art projects,” but those files are elsewhere for now.

Blurry + dusk = poetry. right?

This one is about loss. Of shoes.
Manor Shoes

A dark world we'd like to re-enter?
Gate to Manor House

This is what I'll remember of England: phone booths, post boxes, and blurry things.
Sunrise on the Council Estate

I was already feeling nostalgic on the flight from Chicago to Minneapolis.
England pretzels

Sigh, what I'd give to go back to England. With a tripod. And good film. Or a better grasp of photgraphic technique.
Dawn mailbox

I wish I had motivation to do something. I have been home for a week, and I am kind of unpacked. I have not really done anything else but slept. I cannot even read because I am too lazy. Ack. I need to kick myself in the face.

Be prepared for launch?

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