The distance between Brookings and Omaha is greater than that between London and Birmingham. Getting to Minneapolis from Duluth via Greyhound is eleven times more expensive than taking coach from Birmingham to London. Though, UMD seems to have started its own chartered bus service to the cities… which is only four times more expensive.

It does not appear to be possible to get a greyhound from Sioux Falls to Rapid City, unless I am missing something.

Within 20 minutes of leaving the Minneapolis airport, I probably saw 20 American flags.

When I dream I am still in England. When I wake up, I am in my room, on my bed, surrounded by my failed attempts at packing. The first few bits home have been iffy, but things are improving (I think a bird just flew into my window… an omen?). Brandi at the airport softened the blow (I still ran away from my goodbyes). Seeing Emma ushered me into accepting I have had good times in Brookings. I need to see her more. I need to see her about a trip to Sioux Falls today. I still haven't driven. I still have a lot of people to see. Moving to Duluth June 1st won't work; I think I have to wait at least a week. Or more. To fit a visit to west river into some sort of schedule. I must also go north. When those two things are done, I flee north east.

I could stay here this summer, but I don't want to. Duluth will have its own challenges, like finding where I'm living. I still haven't spoken to Jill.

I travelled Europe by myself, but I still haven't left my house unaccompanied. I must force myself to adjust.

blagh. it is only a matter of time

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