Friday night our family had our real Thanksgiving meal. It was at the Japanese place in Sioux Falls. My sister and I feasted upon sushi.

Mmmmmmm. Sushi.

It was a most wonderful Black Friday. My mother doesn’t like people being diappointed, so my sister and I were allowed to shop for our own Christmas presents. Yep. We had Christmas yesterday, minus the wrapping paper and such. It was x-mas to the xxxxxxxxxxxx-treme, reduced to its most base elements. It’s not about the god, it’s about the presents. Heh.

I think this violent femmes cd I bought at last stop cd shop might just be the best cd ever produced. Just in case you were wondering…

Being back in Brookings is strange. It’s both weird and not weird, which is weird. I’ve seen people, not as many as I should have, and everything seems more or less the same. It’s like I’ve been gone a day, not three months. Sure, Sam Goody is closed, the house next to Country Kitchen is kaput, and there’s random weird historical signs everywhere, but… it’s still Brookings. I’ve been here 18 years, and I’ve only been in Duluth for three months. I do call Duluth home now, however.

I miss people in Duluth, but I have limited access to them anyway. I forgot how nice it is to get into a car and drive wherever you want to go. Hmm. Things in Duluth are crazy and chaotic, but that’s kind of nice too. I’m looking forward to next semester, even if my class schedule is kinda lame.

I’ve do believe it’s getting better, better all the time. I remain an unrealistic optimist and idealist at my core. 

Last night I was realizing that there are things I keep secret from people. I discovered portions of my unknown self a little bit more. If only I had one of my journals to write in.

In case anyone was wondering, I look hot in sweaters. Hehe.

I should work on some drawings today. I also need to do things for interpersonal communication. I should also call Steph E. because she’s sextastic and I need to see her. Good ole’ Cookie McPorno.

So much to do and no desire in which to do it.

It’s been a really great past few days. My mom, sister, and I get along really well these days. I’ve not laughed so much as I’ve laughed in the past few days for a really long time. Magilatogical.

It’s going to be sad to leave Duluth for a month. It’s going to be sad to leave Duluth for three months. It’s going to be sad to leave everyone for nine months. What a tangled web we weave!

I lack a good conclusion, so I bid you.. adieu.

P.S. One year + one day ago my first kiss occured. What a fucking wild ride it’s been since then. Hey… I’ve been dating my gay fonze boyfriend for like a year now!

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