Wow I've been making short pointless entries lately.

I like it!

The world is good now. I've got a clear head, the taste of cheese in my mouth, a wetspot on my pants (I have a drinking problem), and kaneda's theme from Akira playing on Winamp (CAAAAAAAAAAAAANAAAAAAADAAAAAAA!).

Need to hang out with ClintKelsey and watch Akira soon.

I've been sorting through pictures on my computer. There are so many on here, and it's really cool when I find some that I've forgotten about. I wish my ftp was working so I could share them with you… yar. Oh, I'm sure you've also noticed that I've added new deadjournal pics and I've started a replying spree to journals.

Everything is as it should be.

Minus the fact that I'm not productive in the right areas, but hey, I've got some time. (I found a to-do list for last summer a month or two ago. I completed a total of one or two tasks. The one I know I did was the “HAVE FUN!” part. Heh. I'm cool like that.)

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