there's this thing in one of my drawers… it's called a triary…

I can say that at 2:07am on 11/20/2002, Steph was thinking about applying at Nick's Hamburger Shop or becoming a lunch lady at Hillcrest.

At 5:25am on 12/02/02, Maren was sitting in the Gillete bus depot feeling angst, eating a bagel, and drinking hot chocolate.

At and around 2:06am on December 29th, I was very angry at Steph… Wow I'm an ass.

This book is filled with a lot of beauty and sadness. Someday, ten years from now, I want to meet up with Maren and Steph and bring the triaries together and say goodbye to the hardships of life.

The last time I wrote in this was February 15th, 2003 at 1:56pm. I was shovelling and cleaning. I was eating at Taco John's and mourning the death of the Triary.

The last time Maren wrote in it was December 7th, 2002 during a time that we should not speak of… Staaaaaaaaaaaaaate…

The last time Steph wrote was 11-23-02 at 10:42am. She wanted food and her parents were forcing her to decide about moving. She was considering a job at Amoco, but you can't get days off there…

What the hell am I doing? I should be cleaning and looking towards the future, not dwelling in the past. It's all been terribly beautiful, but it's just going to change. It will become terrible and it will become beautiful.

I am drinking Hi-C and thinking of the future.

(who's reaching out to capture a moment…?)

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