you are cordially invited to a…

SPECIAL TOPHER/MAREN 18th BIRTHDAY BASH EXTRAVAGANZA! (Maren's birthday lacked freshness. Thus, if mine has freshness in spades, I can transfer half to her. Neat, huh? And if mine is decidedly non-fresh, well, then we have the bitter memories) WHAT: Uhh.. see above WHERE: MY HOUSE! BASEMENT! PANTS! YOU NAME IT YOU GOT IT! (413 Ash […]

hoorah for birthdays

I need to buy Maren a present today. (Wanna go shopping with me, Maren? hehe) I just bought myself The Living End, Nowhere, and Totally F***ed Up on vhs. I wish I knew what happened to Doom Generation because if I had that, I'd have the complete set! Wheeeeee. So. Hmm. I'll be 18. (Laura, […]

my mood swings…

i'd just like to say that i just ate a bowl of ice cream and had some cake while watching the powerpuff girls movie. this has made me feel much less angry. the human body (or mine) is a stupid thing. i still hate/love you all. depending on who you are. ha. i wonder what […]

this too shall pass

well, i'm sure the mail will come for a day or two more, but eh. i'm graduated. basically, it's a SO WHAT?! sort of feeling. all of the “how do you feel?” type questions are pissing me off. not to mention the fact that everyone seems to know one thing about Duluth. it's cold. THANKS! […]

blecky wecky

I miss Andy. Sigh. Oh well. I was going to write Monday night after the Thespian Banquet, but I was too exhausted and my legs hurt. I'd like to say that I can effectively (and stylishly!) pull off organizing a banquet for 100+ people with minimal decorating supplies but maximum effect! Heh. I'm available for […]

and tonight, i'm cleaning out my closet.

In an attempt to find Thespian stuff, I went on a weird nostalgic cleaning rampage in my room. I've thrown out most of my college stuff and various papers from 8th grade-junior year. Though I am keeping some fun compositions. “Remember, South Dakota is located conveniently south of North Dakota.” I got a C on […]

half-awake in makeshift pajamas…

i sit here and i think about the full dishwasher i need to run in the morning and i think about the emptiness inside me. i think about how ridiculous i must look half-tired, and clad in a white shirt and navy blue shorts. these are not normal thoughts. i have so much to write […]