yeah… those pages link to me. i know who a few are, the others… scare me. here's a quote from the last one…

“Neo-Construction Paper Angst Topher McCulloch is the cartoonist who creates Neo-Construction Paper Angst. Neo-Construction Paper Angst is a serial strip that follows the life of Topher McCulloch, except set in an alternate world than our own. Topher aka Myrth, is a typical teen, working his way through the blur of emotions, school, responsibilities, and restrictions that is teenage life. Topher‚Äôs friends have deemed Topher the king of Angst. They would prefer that he have a better outlook, or at least stop being so melodramatic about his angst. Sonya is one of those people. Sonya originally from Iran, moved to the United States with her family to take advantage of the new life and experiences here in America. Sonya has taken to music and loves many different bands, but puts Weezer up at the top five of her list. Sonya has a few minor quirks, which helps to make her unique, one of which is her quote ‚ÄúDo you like Weezer?‚Äù. Topher enjoys saying the quote over and over again, and even has Sonya say it from time to time, but after saying the quote one too many times, Sonya finally had enough and now attacks anyone who says her quote. Fortunately Sonya can easily be distracted with shiny objects, which enables Topher (or anyone else for that matter) to get away.”

I think I've posted something from that site before, but it's changed now… It's… it makes me feel dirty.

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