well, i'm sure the mail will come for a day or two more, but eh.

i'm graduated. basically, it's a SO WHAT?! sort of feeling. all of the “how do you feel?” type questions are pissing me off.

not to mention the fact that everyone seems to know one thing about Duluth. it's cold. THANKS! I WAS NOT AWARE. (maren has to deal with people saying Omaha is dangerous. and my sister has to deal with cowboy comments since she's going to Wyoming. heh.)

I really want to hurt people everytime they say Duluth is cold or make some cliche comment about graduation. It's just another day now that it's over. I barely remember walking across the stage. I didn't say goodbye to anyone really. It'd be insincere anyway. I'm really too mellow to take notice of the general surroundings.

I have a headache and the house smells of smoke because Levi was just here. Smoke or something else.

Worthwhile aspects of the ceremony: uh.. playing Oasis over the loudspeaker afterwards? Don't look back in anger. Fuck. Why can't I cry about anything anymore? I'd like to cry about abandonment, but can't. Cried practically every day in middle school. Just can't do it anymore.

Can't cry about the fact that someone I cared deeply about will no longer give me the time of day. Didn't come to my party even though they said they would. (if… FUCK YOU) Haven't said a single word to me in who cares how long now. Thanks. It's been really fucking worthless.

I'm inconsiderate towards the means and priorities of others. I should make a t-shirt.

As for my reception itself. It went well enough. I don't have much family left anymore, so not too many people came. The people that did come made me very happy. Best to think towards the positive rather than the negative. I've still got food. You're welcome to it. I think I should go eat some cake. And ice cream.

On another note, I want to see camp people. I want to hold Kompressor. I want there to have been a comic today. I've screwed up a lot socially already this summer. The need to sleep should not come before courtesy. I apologize.

Don't mind me. I'm overreacting as always. And I seem to have decided to capitalize letters again. Good for me. It'll be all right.

People change. I've got to learn to accept that and ignore those who I've come to hate.

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